When Should I Get My Oil Changed?

mechanic draining oil underneath a car

Changing your oil is one of the most critical maintenance services you’ll perform on your vehicle, but when should you get your oil changed? That depends on a few factors, but the answer is the same for every vehicle: as often as your manufacturer recommends. Check your owner’s manual, then schedule a trip to The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside near LaGrange and let us take care of the oil change for you. Remember to also check your oil level monthly.

Do I Need to Change My Oil Every 3,000 miles?

While it was once considered gospel that we should change our oil every 3,000 miles, advances in automotive technology and oil chemistry have made that number obsolete. Many new vehicles, under regular use, can travel up to 7,500 miles before they need a change – longer in some cases.

For some vehicles, more frequent changes could be necessary, however.

Vehicles that drive under what automakers term as “severe” conditions, that is stop-and-go traffic and short trips with lots of idling, might need their oil changed sooner, for best performance. Other vehicles, such as trucks and off-road SUVs who are exposed to extreme driving conditions, excessive cold or heat, humid conditions, or used for towing, could also require more frequent changes.

In the end, this is why we tell our Chicago and Naperville drivers to follow their owner’s manual.

Schedule Your Oil Change at The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside

If you do find that it’s time to change your vehicle’s oil, or if you have other issues that need attention, schedule a service appointment at The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside and take advantage of money-saving coupons designed to keep your vehicle humming like new for less.

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