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How to Unlock a Steering Wheel

Many Chicago drivers unintentionally lock their steering wheel and don’t realize it until they try to drive. If you are unsuccessfully trying to start your vehicle, or the key won’t turn in the ignition, a locked steering wheel is likely the culprit. Wondering how to unlock a steering wheel? Don’’t worry. Unlocking a steering wheel is actually quite simple. All you need to do is follow this guide provided by the The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside service experts

Unlocking a Steering Wheel in Four Easy Steps

Follow the steps below for unlocking a steering in no time: 

  1. Pull the wheel down in the same direction you did when the wheel was originally locked. 
  2. Try both ways if you are unsure which direction is correct. You will notice that the wheel moves slightly when you pull in the right direction. 
  3. Hold your steering wheel in the right direction, and insert your key into the ignition. Try to start the engine. 
  4. If the wheel doesn’t unlock and/or the engine doesn’t start, repeat the step above while turning the wheel in the other direction. 

You should have now successfully unlocked your steering wheel!

Helpful Tips When Unlocking a Steering Wheel

You do not want to cause any damage when unlocking your steering wheel, so it can be beneficial to follow the tips below: 

  • Be Careful: Brute force will not unlock a locked steering wheel. In fact, all it will likely do is damage parts of the steering mechanism. Instead, follow the steps above while applying pressure. 
  • Try a Different Key: If you can’t turn the key, it may actually be the key that is the issue. It’s possible that a worn key will no longer engage the car’s tumblers. If you think that your key is to blame, bring it to the service center at The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside, and we can get you a replacement. 

How to Lock Your Steering Wheel Intentionally

Did you know that locking your steering wheel could actually be beneficial? It can provide an extra level of security for added peace of mind. If you would like to lock the steering wheel intentionally, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off your car and take the keys out of the ignition. 
  2. Turn the steering wheel one way or the other until you hear a click.
  3. Your steering wheel will lock until you return. Follow the steps above to unlock the steering wheel, and start your car. 

Ask the Team at The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside

If you still have any questions about how to unlock a steering wheel or any other vehicle maintenance task or issue, like strange car noises, do not hesitate to reach out to the team at The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside. You can also set up an appointment to have your vehicle looked at by a professional that knows the brand inside and out. 

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