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How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?

Mechanic with Tires

Do you know how often and when to rotate tires? If not, The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside can help! How often should you rotate your tires? Typically you should rotate your tires about every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. Still, for exact figures on your vehicle, review your owner’s manual, and read on to learn more about tire rotation with the service team at The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside, and then explore our other service tips and tricks.



Why Rotate Tires?

Some Chicago drivers aren’t clear on why to rotate tires. Tire rotation prolongs your tires’ life, ultimately saving you money. Tire rotation also provides these additional benefits:

  • Less noise on LaGrange roads
  • Alleviates unnecessary stress on your drivetrain
  • Enhances traction on slippery streets

Unfortunately, even proper care for your tires doesn’t mean they’ll never wear out. If you need a new set of tires or tire rotation, you can make a service appointment online. 

Rotating Tires on FWD and RWD Vehicles

Now that you know how many miles to rotate tires, do you know how it’s done? The rotation pattern varies depending on your drivetrain. The set of tires receiving the bulk of the engine power will wear out faster than the rest, which is why you should rotate your tires. These are some tire rotation tips for FWD and RWD vehicles:

  • On FWD and RWD vehicles, tire rotation should be performed every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, but check your owner’s manual for precise recommendations.
  • If you’re doing FWD tire rotation on your own, flip sides when moving the rear tires to the front. For example, the rear right tire will go on the front left. But keep the front tires in the same right/left position when you move them to the rear.
  • When rotating tires on an RWD vehicle, do the opposite of the above process. Flip sides when moving the front tires to the rear, but keep the back tires in the same position when bringing them forward.
  • How and where you drive will impact when to rotate tires, such as off-roading or racing. Chat with the The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside service team to better understand a tire maintenance schedule for your situation.

AWD Tire Rotation

All-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles require a different tire rotation pattern and schedule than FWD or RWD vehicles. Most AWD tires should be rotated every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Below is the rotation pattern for AWD vehicles:

  1. The left back tire goes to the right front position
  2. The right back tire goes to the left front position
  3. The right front tire goes to the left rear position
  4. The left front tire goes to the right rear position

Trust The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside For All Your Auto Care Needs

Whatever you need, from new tires to a new battery or routine maintenance around Naperville, the certified Volkswagen technicians at The Autobarn Volkswagen of Countryside will do the job right. We recommend you check out our service specials and reach out to us when we can be of service. 


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